August 4, 2010

A great blog about ministry

One of my new favorite blogs about ministry is called "Dirty Sexy Ministry." It's written by two female clergy in Louisiana, and hits some hard truths about being engaged in full-time ministry. Some of it is specific to being a woman, but most of it is universal, no matter gender or denomination.

Here is their latest post.

I'd encourage you to check it out.

Trying something new...

Starting with my sermon on Trinity Sunday, I have been handwriting them all. I have every intention of typing them, comparing my written text to what I actually preach. But alas, that has not happened yet.

So I'm posting the audio of my sermons, which hopefully will suffice, especially if you are a long way from me and miss the soothing sound of my voice (HA!). I hope to have the text up sooner rather than later. Right now, they are hosted at box.net, which is helpful, except that it opens in a new window, and I'm not sure people want it that way (preferring it to play in the screen they are already in). But we'll make that happen soon enough. I'm hoping to help Christ Church get all of our sermons available as Podcasts on iTunes.

You can also always check out Christ Church's website for the latest audio of sermons, no matter who is preaching.