March 22, 2008

The First Holy Saturday

I’ve wondered for years what that first that first Holy Saturday was like. I can only begin to imagine the dejection and pain and confusion the disciples must have felt. Jesus’ mother must have felt empty. Scripture tells us that the sky went dark on Friday. I wonder if it stayed that way on Saturday. What did the people of Jerusalem do on that first Holy Saturday? It was Passover, so it’s likely there was a lot of running around and preparing for the feasts that were to commemorate the mighty act of God in Egypt. Was there a buzz about all that had happened the day before? Maybe. Maybe not. Where were the disciples? Scarred? Crying? Celebrating Passover together? Were they alone or with friends? Was Peter with his wife and her family? Did Andrew & James go back to fishing with their dad?

We have the benefit of nearly 2000 years of hindsight to know what happens at first light on Sunday. But those who were following Jesus didn’t, and often times, they didn’t know what was happening right then, let alone what was going to happen in the future.

The events of that first Holy Saturday have always given me reason for pause, especially knowing what we are going to celebrate tonight and tomorrow.

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