September 26, 2008

The Truth is Out There

I'm not ashamed of my support of Barack Obama. I've been a fan since John Edwards dropped out. He ain't perfect, but I think he's the most genuine person to run for President of the United States that we've seen in a long time. He's taken some tough swings and landed some hard punches.

The unspoken mystery of this election (besides the idiocy of choosing Sarah Palin) is the truth about John McCain's health. The man has had cancer four times, and he's not exactly a spring chicken. It's a tricky thing for the Obama camp to tackle. They don't want to be seen as picking on an "old man." And all it takes is one negative ad back at Obama for attacking a "war hero" (and don't get me started on that!), and it's game over.

But a group called BraveNewPAC has come out with several ads questioning McCain's fitness to serve. The bravest is the this one:

We'll see where it goes. But it brings some health facts about the types of cancer McCain has faced, and raises some real questions about his fitness to lead.

I didn't need this ad to sway me to Obama, but hopefully it will sway some others.

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