April 28, 2013

The Story of God's Work

Easter 5, Year C, RCL
Acts 11:1-18
April 28, 2013

When he was confronted by his fellow Israelites in the 11th chapter of Acts, the Apostle Peter faced a real choice: He could have cowered and said, "You're right! These Gentiles are less worthy of the message of Jesus than we are." He also could have gone the opposite direction, too. He could have said, "Um, I hear what you're saying, but y'all need to remember that Jesus gave me the Keys to the Kingdom. He said I am the Rock on which the Church is going to be built.
If he had come at them with theological doctrine or an array of Scripture passages, he probably would not have won many friends, and even fewer hearts and minds.

Instead, he chose a better way...
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Peter before his detractors

Me, Ollie, my dad, my grandfather.
August 2009

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